Site Reliability Engineering

During the Superbowl, many companies advertised. Only some took care to make sure high web traffic didn't take their site down. Let us scale your web and mobile apps to truly planet-scale.

Service Description Pricing
Google Compute Engine Virtual mahines in the cloud $5,000+/mo.
Google Container Engine Docker application/system images offers massive scale $5,000+/mo.
Kubernetes Scale your mobile back end or website with Kubernetes. Scale to 10 Million requests-per-second and beyond $6,000+/mo.
Google Cloud Spanner Scale your database to millions of records using Google Cloud Spanner, the world's first horizontally-scalable database (NoSQL) while offering developers SQL-like query syntax $8,000+/mo.
Firebase Realtime Database Easily manage user data and synchronization for all your users. $2,000+/mo.